Tuesday, November 26, 2013

4 Generations of Women

My mom is going to be 70 on her next birthday, which she shares with her great-granddaughter, Sora, who will turn 2.  Sora was my first grandchild, and mom's first great-grandchild.  She and her mama, my middle daughter, Livia, live with me, as does mom.  So, there are four generations of women in our family, living together, raising this beautiful little girl together, and it's an incredible journey.

Sure, it's very trying at times, but mostly it's love, laughter, and joy.  The laughs are frequent and hearty.  That little girl knows exactly how to make people light up, and she gets the biggest kick out of it too.  She especially seems to like making her 'Mamaw' laugh.  The way those two play and carry on is crazy, crazy good.  The memories being made are sure to be treasured for a life time to come.

Back in October of this year at a local produce farm

Nap time, they wore one another out!

She piles up the huge toys, then climbs up & snuggles in.

Yes, my nearly 70 year old mom still gets down in the floor to play like this...gotta love 'em!

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  1. So sweet.. and your little girl is so lucky to have so much extended family around. This is really what matters when it's all said and done.