Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday Stuff

My middle daughter gave this painting to me for my birthday last week.  This photo does not at all do true justice to the actual colors in this, not even close.  It is just beautiful & I love it very much.  She is friends with the artist, and she said, "Can you do a painting for my mom for her birthday?"  There was no exchange of my fave colors, etc. and so on, yet she came up with this, which is nearly a summary of me from the way I view it.  I love purple, I adore pink, orange, aqua, and have this crazy fondness for midnight blue.  I am a water baby & love nature and particularly flowers & trees.  When I look at this I see water with a weeping willow sending fronds downward towards the flowers that some lovely bugs are drifting around.  So incredibly me.  Wow.