Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sparkles of A Dream

Sparkles of A Dream
I made this collage out of 33 pieces found on Polyvore.  I had so much fun doing this & realized just how very much I miss doing art!  Crazy that I haven't worked on anything in over 20 years, not really.  I've written here & there, but stopped painting so long ago that it's a hazy memory at best.  I want to smell paints, have splatters on my clothes, and a place I can set up my easel & supplies & not be in anyone's way or have them move it on me.

I made this on Polyvore as well, also this morning, and this one is made up of over 20 some pieces I liked.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Bathroom Reno & Some Updates

So, last night I put my foot down about getting that bathroom finished up.  I've only been after him since, um, January y'all.  A gal can only put up with so much getting  put off & then she's had it.  Yup.  True story.  Ha, I'm a sucker & I know it.  I'm working on it.  Really.

Anyhow, I found Rust-Oleum's new paint & primer in one, and that it comes in my fave color for, well, almost everything, oil-rubbed bronze.  I grabbed a can of that, and that new can design rocks, thanks Rust-Oleum!  Then this morning I painted the 70's era light fixture bar, the old 70's era switch plates, and voila, nice, shiny, and looking good.  Can't wait to get them hung back up now!

Then I found a beadboard style towel hook on the clearance rack, and it was 70% off, so I bought that last night too.  It's white, and I'm going to tape off the beadboard with Frog Tape, remove the hooks, tape off the ball ends, and the frame & hooks are getting treated to my new paint as well.  After that it's going up to hold our towels.  I've decided with us having to move in a couple years, that I am not willing to risk my amazing aqua birdhooks that I scored from Luckett's Store.  I absolutely adore those hooks, so I'm saving them up for our next home.

In other news, I've decided that the Lumber Liquidators did me a huge personal favor by putting that store in locally.  I just found hand-scraped, dark colored vinyl wood plank flooring for $.79 per square foot, which boils down to just under $145 to do the entire kitchen & dining area.  Woo hoo baby, oh yeah!  It has a 50 yr. warranty too, which, okay, won't really benefit me, but since my youngest sister-inlaw is moving in here after we move out (long, long, dramatic tale for another time), I figured it is a good bargain that can be done for me, and should suit her as well.  It really looks like wood, and if you want to bend over & touch it, it's textured too.  Yippee!

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Old, ugly as sin switch plates

Switch plates post spray painting

Light bar after painting.  The before was hideous, seriously.
Fake oak center with a faux brass frame.  Ugh.  Hideous!

In other news, this gorgeous baby girl has turned 1 year old!  My precious & amazing
granddaughter, Sora Riley.  Adore & love do not even begin to cover it!

Her birthday cupcake, which she promptly enjoyed!

Loving the same tire swing her mama played on long ago. 

Sora & her cousin (she's 8 weeks younger than Sora) sharing their 1st secrets!

Most beautiful smile I've ever seen!

And now a photo storm of the various flowers, etc. I've been working on the past 2 years:

Clematis w/ White Nancy ivy as ground cover

Red Scotch Broom


Sunrise Scotch Broom

And my girl Roza, my registered American Quarter Horse mare