Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Day of Love & Joy

Today is a day of love & celebration.  My mom is 69 today & my granddaughter is 1. Mom's first great-grandchild shares her day of birth.  It's a beautiful thing, and the way those two love each other is breathtaking to behold.  Truly.  My mom also finds out the results of her biopsy today; does she, or does she not have breast cancer.  It is a day that is also bittersweet with anticipation and worry.

I'm choosing to hold onto the love, celebration, and joy part as tightly as I can.  The next hour is going to creep by as I await her news.  So, I plan on filling it with as much of Sora as I can get.  Giggles, hugs, snuggles, kisses, and that laughter that surely gives birth to masses of fairies every single time it is heard.
Day 1 of Sora's journey

Recent shopping trip...she is a huge Minnie fan & so def my girl!

First snuggle & cuddle with my Boo Riley!

My baby, Livia, with her baby.  I love this shot!

My mom & me when I was 5 & she was 28.  It was 1972.

Can't celebrate my Boo's birthday without Minnie Mouse!