Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Joy

My granddaughter is one of the biggest joys of my life.  Things like her smile & giggle are amongst why.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I'd Wear (if only I could)

Girl You're Amazing

I put this together this morning on Polyvore.  I'd wear this if I could, it is just the right colors for me, looks super comfy, and honestly, who doesn't love comfy & cute together?  Right?  Sadly this shirt is mostly in the UK & not in my size, but I'm going to be searching for something as similar as possible.  The TOMS shoes are on my Christmas list & I really hope someone loves me enough to get them for me.  I plan on putting the scarf & hat on there as well.  Love this whole look!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Living Where I'm Planted

I'm not sure if it's a change of mindset, time spent here, learning to love where I've been planted, realizing I needed to give it a fair shake, or a combination of various of the above, but I can't say that I hate living here any longer.  I'm not certain I could say that I love it, but I like it enough.  The downtown area is really growing & coming together well.  There are these great little shops, amazing coffee, cute bistros & cafes, the locals seem friendlier, and so on.  The tree lined streets, the fact they try so hard to improve nearly constantly, the cleanliness.  Seriously, I loathe dirty cities.  Ew.

I do love the creek that winds through downtown, how they've landscaped along it, put in walking & biking paths to encourage the people to enjoy it.  I will be strolling along there with my grandbaby Sora soon.  Fall is in the air, it's getting crisper without becoming cold, and the leaves are slowing morphing from green into the shades I love about autumn.  Cup of my fave coffee in the stroller cup holder, baby girl in the seat, camera around my neck, and it's a date.  Maybe my daughter will join us.

Leather boots, cozy sweater or plaid button up, cute hate, nice scarf, comfy jeans.  Crunching leaves underfoot, smiling at passerbys & nodding hello.  Dreaming of this day to come, while today I sit indoors and enjoy the rain falling on the roof, seranading me with it's soothing melody.  I love rainy days, they remind me of home.  Today, while I think of home with love & fondness, I am not homesick and wishing I were on a plane.