Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Baby Girl

I leave next Friday, early in the morning, to take my youngest back down to college.  At 19, she remains my 'baby', though she is so independent, so strong & capable, that at times I have the urge to remind her of that fact.  We had coffee recently & I stole looks at her when she had her attention occupied.  She is am amazing young woman, and I feel more than blessed to call her mine.  Her smile always reaches her eyes, and she listens to those talking to her with an intensity I don't see in the majority of young folks around her age.  Sadly, I don't see it in a lot of folks at any age lately.  Those conversing with her cannot help but realize the gem of a listener they have in her, she actively listens, verifying this by the input of a quick question or small comment, then back to looking into your eyes and engaging you to keep talking.  It's a gift indeed. 

I often see her big brother when I look at her.  None of my 4 kids think they resemble one another, and I find that mildly amusing as I find them in each other at every turn.  Of course, I too feel they don't resemble me, and have been often told that, in fact, they do.  Each of them.  Anyhow, she looked up at me at one point, the light coming through the large window of the shop just right, illuminating her eyes and cheekbones, and I couldn't believe how much she looked like Matty.  He is 6'2", she a mere 5'3".  He has very curly hair, as do the other two girls and myself, whereas Kait has beachy waves, that kind that seem perfectly placed with care during a lengthy styling session.  She has bemoaned wanting our curls, we her waves.  Isn't that how it always seems to go?

Yet, in that small moment of time, I found them staring at me from the same eyes.  It was a beautiful thing, and just for a second, my heart stopped.  They've all moved out on their own, two of them in one small town, the eldest in another state, and Kait in yet another small town here in Pennsyvlania.  Until she leaves for school.  Then she is going to be several states away.  Mere hours, that can feel so much farther.  I'll miss grabbing our coffee at our fave little shop.  They buy their coffee from another local business that roasts their own blends, and the truth is in the details y' very, very good.  But I digress.  We try to thrift shop together as often as we can also.  Both of us enjoy browsing through the shelves, racks, and piles in several stores here in the city I live near.  Just a block either direction from our coffee shop, and we have a choice of no less than 5 thrift stores to peruse.  How lovely is that?

While I will miss that time spent nearly weekly with her, I am, at the same time, bursting with pride in my girl.  Dedicated to obtaining her degree in early childhood education and becoming a teacher of littles. Plans to spend next summer overseas, some place like Indonesia, India, Cambodia, teaching English in an orphanage.  She is talking to a group that arranges these amazing trips for people like her; students around the world, looking for opportunities to expand their hearts, knowledge, minds.  I pray she raises the money it will take.  The experience would be beyond her dreamy expectations I know, the chance to do something so many merely dream about, but if I know my girl, she will not rest in her quest to make it reality for herself.  I dearly admire that bulldog quality she has.  Like my other 3 punks do. When I am down, I call up memories of her, and that soothes it away.  Just like that, her gorgeous smile makes all well again.

My beautiful, amazing Kait!

Bethy & Kait on Beth's 'best day ever', Beth married Tim!

Liv & Kait on their 18th/16th birthday...great party!

And finally, with the big brother...Cinco de Mayo back in '09

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