Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Ties

My eldest and youngest daughters, and my son, rarely get to see the middle daughter's baby girl.  With things like work, school, attending college a few states away, etc., and so forth, they just seem to miss out on seeing her much.  Yesterday my mom and I went and picked her up and drove down to see my eldest for a while.  The baby was completely fascinated by her auntie's dog Jack.  Sadly I wasn't able to get any video of her laughing and laughing over Jack being silly, or with her lovely aunty either.

Then today, after her morning play, and a nap, we went to meet my son for lunch.  He really just loves her so much and barely ate his meal playing with her and holding her the entire time.  I did manage to get a few snapshots of them together.  She is a pickle this one, kept stealing his toast and paper placemat.  Yes, we are those kind of people, we eat breakfast for lunch and supper.

Sora and Uncle Matty back on day one Feb. 13th

Trying to eat that paper placemat

What she thinks about him saying no to the former 

So, she stole his toast instead lol!

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