Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy Yet Delicious!

In my Pinterest craze and going nuts over there, I came across some pretty darn good recipes.  One of these was taking canned biscuit dough and frying them into donuts.  My curiosity & hunger got the better of me & since I had all I needed on hand I made some up.  Have to say they really are delightful; fluffy & tender inside, crisp outside, and how nice to have a hot, fresh batch of donuts for a weekend brunch eh?  Next time I'm going to do half in the cinnamon sugar & half in powdered sugar I think.  Oh, and for my sugar & cinnamon mixture I used Sugar In The Raw.  I adore the texture, the crunch, mmm, so good.

By the way, I just used my fave cooking oil in my fave skillet, heated it up & then tested with one of the donut holes as I don't have a thermometer.  Don't over heat your oil!  You don't want to cook these too quickly or you'll have them done on the outside & raw inside, eww.  Too low & you'll have them tough.  Play around with it until you find it to be just right for you.  Which I did with the donut holes since if I had to sacrifice them it wouldn't have really bothered me.

That dark spot in the middle of the bottom donut is a clean soda bottle cap,
it made making the holes a snap.  The grainy stuff is my cinnamon sugar.

Frying up the holes

My first donut...after this I did two at a time.

Ready to eat & they truly were delicious!  I plan on making these 
for my family for weekend breakfasts & brunches fairly often now.

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