Monday, December 12, 2011

New (to me) Car

So, as previously discussed, the Durango has breathed its last & is finally gone, gone, gone.  Thank goodness y'all.  I'd have liked to have shot that thing just for kicks & giggles.  That left us with the VW, which is back at the shop as I type.  OY VEY!

Anyhow, long story made shorter, we went out to peruse cars over the weekend, and after finally going to the dealership I kept mentioning, we were told we qualified for some very decent cars.  I would change the color if I had a way, just to keep it honest, but oh my lanta, this thing is a keeper man!  It is loaded & drives like a beast.  Loving it.

It is a Nissan Murano SE, chardonnay in color, sunroof, Bose sound system w/ 6-CD in-dash load & surround sound speakers, V6 auto/manual, AWD, sidebag curtains plus the usual airbags, all-season floor mat in the cargo area w/ shade & net.  So if I can find a suitable pet barrier Suki can finally ride along w/ me occasionally.  Yeah!  There are more features, but I can't remember what they are presently, something like it automatically adjusts the weight distribution, braking power, AWD, and transmission as needed, etc., and so on.  I'm tickled plum pink is what I am.

Here it is...

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