Monday, December 5, 2011

Like An 80's Flashback

My dreams last night had me back in high school & it was wonderful.  All that youth, that flexibility, the stamina, the ability to do backflips, handstands, hang by my heels from steel bars.  WOW!  I don't miss big hair, parachute pants, or certain other things, but my gosh do I miss younger me.  She was strong, pain free, and had such spunk.

That green eyed, freckle faced girl with the hair that looked brown until the sunlight hit it, setting it on fire and letting it spark auburn.  I can't believe I hated that hair & those freckles.  What an idiot I was.  I thought so many wrong things.  Wouldn't it be lovely to go back in time and converse with our younger selves, to tell them not to worry so much, that they are amazing people, and to believe in themselves & hang in there?  I think it would rock.

I do miss 7-11 Super Big Gulps, being able to eat half a large pizza and not fear gaining any weight or having heartburn.  I miss the music.  I miss my friends.  Those crazy, fun, loyal, and awesome friends.  I'm still in touch with several of them and it's nice.  But they're so very far away, or rather I am.  Several of us are grandparents, or soon to be, and one of us adopted late in life, so is parenting a pre-schooler...and my goodness, what a cutie pie he is!

Butchie is a lawyer with his own practice, holds several degrees, including one in special education.  Squirrel is a cashier and a loving grandma.  Lizard works in computers for a huge firm back home, is a grandpa, and is fighting medical issues galore.  I'm back in college & also coming closer & closer to be a 1st time grandma.  I am so psyched about holding little Sora Riley for the very first time, whispering in her tiny seashell ear how amazing she is, how much she is loved, and how her Gigi believes she will do anything, be anything she wants to be.  How nothing and no one will stand in her way.

Getting to see her, hold her, say those things, teach her things I love to do, watch her grow & learn, become a toddler, a little girl, a teen, an amazing woman, all make days like today when walking hurts, okay.  She isn't even here yet and she is the wind beneath my wings, making me push upward & onward. I love you to the moon & back Sora Riley!

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