Monday, November 28, 2011

Picture Post

My day today included shopping with my crazy mom & eating out when we needed a break.  We went to Denny's 'cause she loves it there & we decided to try the red velvet pancake puppies...okay, okay, you got me.  I decided we should try them.  I do love red velvet!  One looked very puppy like indeed lol:

We found a wreath we both liked & a new hanger for it also.  I love the colors of the berries mixed with the pinecones & greenery.

My first grandbaby is a girl & she is due February 4th.  I am loving the 4D ultrasound pics of her so much, they really show up nicely.  Then this past Saturday my eldest daughter, Beth, held a shower for Liv, the preggo, and it was such a fabulous time of family & friends celebrating a new life!  There was a recurring giraffe theme as Liv adores them, hope Sora does also lol.  Oh, and her name is Sora Riley. I can't wait to hold & kiss her!

Ultrasound of Sora in an autographed frame

Cute huh? Jana's Bakery in Chambersburg did the honors!

Part of the gifts

It was held at one of my personal all time fave places to be.  Especially around here.  I'm not known as a huge fan of living in PA, nor of Chambersburg, not in any way, shape, or form.  However, I've been working on that, trying to find things I love, like, adore, admire.  It helps.  C&C Coffee House on the square in Chambersburg, selling coffees roasted locally by Abednego Coffee Company...YUM!

I also finally painted.  Not to entirely sure I love it much, but everyone else seems to like it rather a lot, so I decided why not share it with all y'all as well.

Randomness for the just because factor...oh, not really.  I love squirrels & am a massage therapist in training, so I lied.  But you don't care because face it, it's just too stinkin' cute!  Right? :)

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