Friday, November 4, 2011

And then...

I didn't get to go to school dressed as Minnie Mouse.  Color me disappointed.  It's a long, sad story that doesn't bear repeating, so I'll spare you the details.

The bake sale made over $160 and we were pleased.  Now we're hoping they'll send someone down to get it in person and that a reporter from the local paper will record the event of us handing the donation over to them.  Everyone thought my cupcakes were from a store; not sure if I should be pleased or disappointed in that.  Hmm.

Also, I love giving massages to people.  Especially people who really seem to need one and are so thankful that someone is trying to help them feel better.  It's a good, good feeling I must say.

I want to paint.  I am upset with myself for not having begun one as of yet, and I hope to remedy that this weekend.  We shall see eh?  This weekend.  I am supposed to go up to the school tomorrow and help give chair massages to people coming through the open house, and I do rather need to make up a bit of time, so I probably will.  Just the car is struggling, and I don't want to drive that commute on a weekend.  Ugh.  I do, however, want to do the massages.

Anyhow, that is all.

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