Saturday, October 29, 2011


Awoke to heavy, wet snow falling.  Ugh.  Not a fan.  We went shopping and I now have some very lovely apples, the caramel, the sticks, bags, and most of the toppings I want to roll them in.  I also have decorations galore for the cupcakes I'm making.  I have some I'm going to put ghost Peeps on, then the giant candy corn on others, and so on.  I am also doing a striped piped black & green frosting for some.  Such fun.

I think if the weather keeps up that I'll be wearing regular clothes & possibly boots to school on Monday, then putting the costume on there.  It's so nasty out there.  Yuck and brr.  Ick.  Blah.  Can you tell I'm not at all happy about this?  Yeah, so over winter, snow, ice, and so on.  Boo.  If only I had the funds to move to California, then I'd be a happy camper oh yeah!

Perhaps a lovely Streamliner decked out to my liking and parked in Malibu a la' Matthew McConaughey who lived in a really nice one for years in the Malibu Beach RV Park.  Lucky.

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