Monday, October 10, 2011

Grumble Grumble

So, it's been a week-ish since they were (supposedly) mailed out and still no yellow shoes have arrived.  Two packages came that were ordered much, much later from other places though.  GRR!  They're literally the last piece of the whole puzzle that is becoming Minnie Mouse on Halloween.  I need my shoes! (In my head it sounds like the Queen of Hearts as played by Helena Bonham Carter saying, "I want my cwown!")


I made pumpkin whoopie pies w/ maple cream filling from scratch yesterday and they were so good.  Not perfect, but so good.  I need to put a fine tuning on the cream though.  I tweaked the flavor to be more spiced & not merely sweet & mapley, but it needs to be firmer.

Still working out a really good, moist red velvet one and now going to work out a pink velvet one as well since it's breast cancer awareness month.  Huge supporter & hoping to have a BCA cupcake sale at school...details need worked out, need approval, etc.  Gawd I hate red tape!  GRR!

And then...

it's been a lovely Indian Summer here.  Seriously surprised by how nice it is, not that PA is going to win me over now, sorry, it's too little too late.  That said, it doesn't mean I won't take advantage and enjoy the crap out of it.  I am so going to enjoy these blue skies & low humidity days!  Puking or no puking.

Oh yeah.  GRR!  So, I'm pretty much puking every single day.  Sometimes with warning, sometimes not so much.  It sucks.  A lot!  GRR GRR GRR!  I sincerely loathe vomiting.  For real!  Though if this keeps up I could most likely do it on command.  Hmm, is there a call for that sort of thing?  Gawd, that's just gross isn't it?  Ewww!

What's worse than that is dry heaving by the way.  I loathe that even more.  And that is saying a LOT let me tell you.  Dry heaves are a beeyotch man!

Also, I miss riding my horse and this puking thing is pissing me off.  Seriously do not want to be throwing up from in the saddle.  Eww.  GRR!  And oh yeah, gross!

Silver linings:

the leather sofa my MIL gave us is so nice...very comfy, cozy for curling up w/ my throw & pillow & trying not to puke...smells like leather which makes me miss the horse even more, but also is comforting as well!

the silly doggy that at nearly 60 pounds ought not to jump on me, but is trying to be close & cuddly and that's just too stinkin' cute to be grumpy at.  Right?

getting an email from a soldier thanking me for the cup of coffee I gifted him via Cup of Joe for a Joe via Facebook.  He wants to be pen pals as well, so I wrote him back saying sure.  Glad to give a smile to someone!

finishing a book by a fave author!  I haven't been able to do that since I started back to school in Jan., so this is a HUGE one!

That's it.  All out of silver & no gold.  For now.

The puppy who jumped on me & made me laugh out loud!

Roza, my horse, my therapist, works cheap.  Love her!

'Cause I like it.

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