Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blah Blah Sick...

and tired of it too.  I loathe being ill.  Completely and utterly loathe being sick.  Truly.

And enough of that.  So, stuck on the couch the past few days, and today the weather is slightly gloomy adding to the mood.  I have my homework caught up, so it's going to be me, Audrey, and some other lovely classics today.  That and plenty of hot java juice.  I do so love my coffee!

I am determined to be well by this weekend.  I have so much to do.  I talked my department head at school into us holding a benefit bake sale & there is no way on this earth I'm going to miss out on that!  Oh hell no!  I have caramel apples to make, cupcakes to bake, things to put into these adorable little bags I found.  Yikes.  I need to be well & able to go shopping for supplies tomorrow or early Saturday, and then make & bake all weekend.

That and several of the advanced students are going to give chair massages for donations, and hey, I'm not one to pass that opportunity by let me tell you.  I am so past needing worked on it isn't funny.  By Monday I'm going to be twisted into so many knots they won't know where to begin.  Sigh.

One of the cupcakes I've got planned is Candy Corn.  I want to do bi-colored batter in orange and yellow, then white buttercream frosting and I have these adorable giant gummi candy corn I'm going to put on top.  Too cute!  We'll see how much energy I have after making those & the apples.  If there is any left I may also make chocolate crinkle cookies.  Yum.

Ooh, and there is also going to be costume contests that afternoon in the same room we're having our sale, and I hope to enter in the classic division.  What's more classic than Minnie Mouse right?  If I don't zombie out that is.

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