Friday, October 21, 2011

10 Days!

Until Halloween that is.  I am so psyched for this day this year.  My college has even decided to hold costume contests for students & faculty & staff, woot!  Then I had asked my department head if we could sponsor a bake sale to benefit breast cancer and was given permission.  I'm holding it on Halloween.

No better day to buy & enjoy cupcakes, cookies, caramel apples, and so on.  Right?  We're going to be at school all day, and when they walk by our table they won't be able to resist the goodies.  At least that's the plan Stan.

So, the company I ordered my shoes from flaked out completely on me, and now I have no shoes coming at all.  They were out of stock, even though they had posted in large, block print that they were available and in stock when I placed the order, and none of the retailers who sell for them had them either.  SOL is what I am regarding the shoes I need to complete my costume.  Asshats!

I was hoping to enter the Classic contest at school.  What is Minnie if not a genuine America Classic right?  Hells yeah.  I need some yellow shoes dude.  Darn.  Back to shopping.  Not to mention I need someone who will get them to me in record time.  Seriously, we have 10 days people, no time to piss around and take your sweet ass time delivering them.

I hope I remember to take my cameras to school that day.  Ha.  I can see it now, I get there and set up the bake sale, get in costume, and no cameras to be found.  I'd be so steamed.  Not like I'd have time to run home & grab them either.  Not with an hour each way commute.  No freaking way.  I guess I should put a sticky note on the computer to remind myself.  LOL!

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