Saturday, October 29, 2011


Awoke to heavy, wet snow falling.  Ugh.  Not a fan.  We went shopping and I now have some very lovely apples, the caramel, the sticks, bags, and most of the toppings I want to roll them in.  I also have decorations galore for the cupcakes I'm making.  I have some I'm going to put ghost Peeps on, then the giant candy corn on others, and so on.  I am also doing a striped piped black & green frosting for some.  Such fun.

I think if the weather keeps up that I'll be wearing regular clothes & possibly boots to school on Monday, then putting the costume on there.  It's so nasty out there.  Yuck and brr.  Ick.  Blah.  Can you tell I'm not at all happy about this?  Yeah, so over winter, snow, ice, and so on.  Boo.  If only I had the funds to move to California, then I'd be a happy camper oh yeah!

Perhaps a lovely Streamliner decked out to my liking and parked in Malibu a la' Matthew McConaughey who lived in a really nice one for years in the Malibu Beach RV Park.  Lucky.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blah Blah Sick...

and tired of it too.  I loathe being ill.  Completely and utterly loathe being sick.  Truly.

And enough of that.  So, stuck on the couch the past few days, and today the weather is slightly gloomy adding to the mood.  I have my homework caught up, so it's going to be me, Audrey, and some other lovely classics today.  That and plenty of hot java juice.  I do so love my coffee!

I am determined to be well by this weekend.  I have so much to do.  I talked my department head at school into us holding a benefit bake sale & there is no way on this earth I'm going to miss out on that!  Oh hell no!  I have caramel apples to make, cupcakes to bake, things to put into these adorable little bags I found.  Yikes.  I need to be well & able to go shopping for supplies tomorrow or early Saturday, and then make & bake all weekend.

That and several of the advanced students are going to give chair massages for donations, and hey, I'm not one to pass that opportunity by let me tell you.  I am so past needing worked on it isn't funny.  By Monday I'm going to be twisted into so many knots they won't know where to begin.  Sigh.

One of the cupcakes I've got planned is Candy Corn.  I want to do bi-colored batter in orange and yellow, then white buttercream frosting and I have these adorable giant gummi candy corn I'm going to put on top.  Too cute!  We'll see how much energy I have after making those & the apples.  If there is any left I may also make chocolate crinkle cookies.  Yum.

Ooh, and there is also going to be costume contests that afternoon in the same room we're having our sale, and I hope to enter in the classic division.  What's more classic than Minnie Mouse right?  If I don't zombie out that is.

Friday, October 21, 2011


And we have yellow shoes people!  Oh yeah!  I'm going to kick ass as Minerva Mouse, you betcha sweet bootay I am!  HA!

10 Days!

Until Halloween that is.  I am so psyched for this day this year.  My college has even decided to hold costume contests for students & faculty & staff, woot!  Then I had asked my department head if we could sponsor a bake sale to benefit breast cancer and was given permission.  I'm holding it on Halloween.

No better day to buy & enjoy cupcakes, cookies, caramel apples, and so on.  Right?  We're going to be at school all day, and when they walk by our table they won't be able to resist the goodies.  At least that's the plan Stan.

So, the company I ordered my shoes from flaked out completely on me, and now I have no shoes coming at all.  They were out of stock, even though they had posted in large, block print that they were available and in stock when I placed the order, and none of the retailers who sell for them had them either.  SOL is what I am regarding the shoes I need to complete my costume.  Asshats!

I was hoping to enter the Classic contest at school.  What is Minnie if not a genuine America Classic right?  Hells yeah.  I need some yellow shoes dude.  Darn.  Back to shopping.  Not to mention I need someone who will get them to me in record time.  Seriously, we have 10 days people, no time to piss around and take your sweet ass time delivering them.

I hope I remember to take my cameras to school that day.  Ha.  I can see it now, I get there and set up the bake sale, get in costume, and no cameras to be found.  I'd be so steamed.  Not like I'd have time to run home & grab them either.  Not with an hour each way commute.  No freaking way.  I guess I should put a sticky note on the computer to remind myself.  LOL!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grumble Grumble

So, it's been a week-ish since they were (supposedly) mailed out and still no yellow shoes have arrived.  Two packages came that were ordered much, much later from other places though.  GRR!  They're literally the last piece of the whole puzzle that is becoming Minnie Mouse on Halloween.  I need my shoes! (In my head it sounds like the Queen of Hearts as played by Helena Bonham Carter saying, "I want my cwown!")


I made pumpkin whoopie pies w/ maple cream filling from scratch yesterday and they were so good.  Not perfect, but so good.  I need to put a fine tuning on the cream though.  I tweaked the flavor to be more spiced & not merely sweet & mapley, but it needs to be firmer.

Still working out a really good, moist red velvet one and now going to work out a pink velvet one as well since it's breast cancer awareness month.  Huge supporter & hoping to have a BCA cupcake sale at school...details need worked out, need approval, etc.  Gawd I hate red tape!  GRR!

And then...

it's been a lovely Indian Summer here.  Seriously surprised by how nice it is, not that PA is going to win me over now, sorry, it's too little too late.  That said, it doesn't mean I won't take advantage and enjoy the crap out of it.  I am so going to enjoy these blue skies & low humidity days!  Puking or no puking.

Oh yeah.  GRR!  So, I'm pretty much puking every single day.  Sometimes with warning, sometimes not so much.  It sucks.  A lot!  GRR GRR GRR!  I sincerely loathe vomiting.  For real!  Though if this keeps up I could most likely do it on command.  Hmm, is there a call for that sort of thing?  Gawd, that's just gross isn't it?  Ewww!

What's worse than that is dry heaving by the way.  I loathe that even more.  And that is saying a LOT let me tell you.  Dry heaves are a beeyotch man!

Also, I miss riding my horse and this puking thing is pissing me off.  Seriously do not want to be throwing up from in the saddle.  Eww.  GRR!  And oh yeah, gross!

Silver linings:

the leather sofa my MIL gave us is so nice...very comfy, cozy for curling up w/ my throw & pillow & trying not to puke...smells like leather which makes me miss the horse even more, but also is comforting as well!

the silly doggy that at nearly 60 pounds ought not to jump on me, but is trying to be close & cuddly and that's just too stinkin' cute to be grumpy at.  Right?

getting an email from a soldier thanking me for the cup of coffee I gifted him via Cup of Joe for a Joe via Facebook.  He wants to be pen pals as well, so I wrote him back saying sure.  Glad to give a smile to someone!

finishing a book by a fave author!  I haven't been able to do that since I started back to school in Jan., so this is a HUGE one!

That's it.  All out of silver & no gold.  For now.

The puppy who jumped on me & made me laugh out loud!

Roza, my horse, my therapist, works cheap.  Love her!

'Cause I like it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Minerva Mouse package arrived!

Oh yeah!  I got my Minnie costume, ears, and shoe clips today.  So psyched!  Now to await the shoes with the utmost patience.  Yeah right, that's gonna happen.  Anyhow, it fits so well, and I was worried it wouldn't, but it does.  So very happy.  Two sets of ears; one very fluffy fur wise, and one not as fluffy.  The one I like the looks of best is tighter and makes my head ache after a bit.  Boo.  Sigh.

I am so excited for Halloween y'all, so very, very excited!  This rocks and kicks major bootay!  Yup.

No photos because my camera is having fits, no idea at all what is going on, and no $ to have it checked up on yet.  Poop.