Thursday, September 1, 2011


This past week has me sort of reeling and hoping the ground steadies sooner rather than later.  My youngest daughter was hurt a week ago when she was longboarding and a car nearly hit her.  She feel onto her left elbow & hip, pretty bruised, etc.  Then this week she had a tire blow out, putting the rear of the car into a tizzy, thus leading to totaling her car via contact with a rather decent sized tree.

The responding officer told her how sorry he was that the mosquito involved in the incident, and the only eye witness fled the scene, but he'd put an APB out on him immediately.  He made her laugh and so calmed her a bit.  He was good people.

There has also been a huge amount of stress for me at school/work due to some miscommunication, oversight, and failure of someone to properly do his job.  Another staff member corrected this, thank God for her, and so I went to him to ensure it would be properly noted, taken care of, etc., and he argued with me and I had to force the man to do his freaking job.  Really?  Forcryingoutloud asshole, earn your damn check already!  Sheesh!

Also, I've been conditioning myself and training my young Quarter Horse for a benefit trail ride for cancer the end of this month for some time now.  We have been progressing rathe nicely, making a good team, and she is just a lovebug.  However, last night I found her left hind pastern swollen, hot, and the inflammation is creeping up along her cannon.  She's got to be started on a round of antibiotics and put on stall rest.  For 10 days.  That is a long ass time in working, conditioning, and training a young horse.  OY!  Not cool, not cool at all.  This very well may mean no ride for me, and that is crushing.  I have extremely personal reasons for having signed up for this ride.

On another note, I am really praying my Roza heals well and quickly.  If we miss the ride, we miss it eh? I first and foremost want her well and whole.  I love this mare so much!

Roza w/ my middle daughter, Livia, on her...too stinkin' cute!

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