Thursday, September 29, 2011

Am I a woman or a mouse?

Is it just me, or has nearly every little girl in America loved & wanted to be Minnie Mouse at some point in their life?  I loved her when I was younger, and then didn't give her a lot of thought for a very long time.  My 3 daughters were fans of other Disney ladies; Ariel, Pocahontas, and Mulan.  Not one of them fell for the mouse in the polka dotted dress & bow.

Here I am in my mid-40's and am back in love with Minerva.  She is the Audrey Hepburn of Disneydom in my humble opinion, and who could beat that combo?  Style, class, sweetness, it's all there, and I'm a fan.  I adore her.  For additional delight, my VW Cabrio is cherry red with black interior and top.  I'm going to get a Minnie topper for my antenna and I think I've finally decided on wording for the German plate I want to put on the front of it.

This year I became very determined to dress up & celebrate Halloween.  I feel as though if I put it off any longer, I just won't ever get back into it.  And hey, I do adore and love Halloween.  Truly.  Always a favorite of mine, and I've missed it so.  So this year I've debated back and forth, back and forth...poodle skirt, Minnie, or pirate wench.  Poodle skirt nearly won out, but hey man, I gotta go with my heart & gut, and they are screaming loud & clear for me to be Miss Minerva Mouse okay?  You can't just ignore that man.

Stay tuned for photos...and hey, I do actually intend to not only allow photos of me to be taken, but to post them as well.  You'll see.

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