Monday, August 15, 2011

Soul Comfort Food

All of us, at times, find ourselves needing comforted in one way or another.  For many people, myself included, this can, and often times does, include actual food.  One of the most comforting foods for me growing up was my mom's chicken & dumplings.  Sadly my mom has now forgotten the recipe, which she never wrote down, and was reluctant to teach to me because she would "one day".  So I have found a decent substitute based on the love of the stewed chicken in gravy combined with a love of biscuits & gravy.  I present to you Chicken Waffles PA Dutch style and they are delish!

That's right y'all, a fluffy buttermilk waffle topped with stewed chicken in gravy...yum!

And who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies right?  Add in caramel & make them Turtle Cookies & I am all yours...within reason of course, lol!

Yup, I really did make them nearly the size of plates!

My middle daughter is one of my dearest & nearest.  She is amazing & I adore her completely.  She is also 16 weeks pregnant with my 1st grandbaby & that is comfort for the soul right life!

My husband Erick who comforts me & knows the value of good chocolate & the art of knowing when to show up with it & when it needs to be dark & gourmet!

Peach Cobbler wine from our fave winery...I don't turn to alcohol for comfort, so let's just get that out there first, but that said, a good glass of wine that is well made can be very comforting when in the right circumstances and setting.  Just sayin'.

Suki my Boo & bestest bud!  I so heart this doggy!

Okay, this is not my dog nor my bike, though I'd take either or both.  He was being a good boy & watching over his owner's bike while said owner was eating at our friend's restaurant.  He has a mohawk & goatee and how cool are the doggy goggles I ask?  He rides in the red bag on the gas tank.  I find comfort in unusual, cool, and odd things okay, don't be judging me :)

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