Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sometimes I Have To Have Myself A Little Earthquake

And it happened today, just before 2 o'clock.  Epicenter in Mineral, VA, magnitude 5.9, 3.4 or so miles deep.  Felt from the Carolinas up into upstate NY and over to mid-OH.  Here in south-central PA our old house shook pretty hard, we heard rumbling, and things rattled pretty darn good too.

My son, middle daughter, and a friend were all here at the house with me, and we all ended up laughing.  The things we do to deal with stress eh?  My mom was out walking the dogs and she didn't feel it, and said the dogs didn't act different at all.  My horses were standing under a tree in the shade nibbling on grass and didn't even pick their heads up.  Weirdos.

They briefly evacuated the White House & the Pentagon.  Warnings of after shocks also issued.


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