Friday, July 1, 2011

Bit of a Break, Bit of a Dream

I'm between quarters at school and it's quiet, causing me to do too much deep thinking.  Which is giving me a throbbing headache.  I don't want to think this much.  What I want is to be sitting on a beach, listening to the waves rolling in, the gulls crying as they snatch up tidbits, watch the horizon all day as it changes colors slowly.

I just want to be and breathe.  That's it.  For a week or so.  No homework, no housework, no horsework.  Just relaxing and being, well, me.  I do have some things to figure out, no denying that, but there is too much noise in my head to make heads or tails of anything at all, let alone anything of importance.

To sit on the sand, umbrella overhead, sunglasses on, cold drink at hand, a good book; now that is a day right there.  A really fantastic day.  The occasional walker-by just strolling past, perhaps bending once and again for a piece of sea glass, a shell, or a some water smoothed driftwood piece that has caught their fancy.  Dogs here and there at times, not pulling against the leash, but contentedly brambling alongside their person, barking warnings at birds that come too close, and biting at the waves lapping at their sand gritty paws.

Smells of ocean, sunshine, and cocoa butter blend perfectly together, creating the backdrop for the orchestral presentation of water, bird calls, and the slight presence of breeze.  Gentle kisses of just right beams of light peeking under that umbrella, casting subtle stripes as they compete with the shade, warming just enough and never too much.

Looking out to sea, there pops up sudden triangles of dorsal fin as dolphins play tag amongst the kelp and zoom through the waves, daring one another to do better.  Seals also make themselves known, hopping up and then down again, soulful eyes ever so briefly meeting my own.

Bliss.  Dream.  Longed for with all my might, yet teasingly remaining unattainable for now.

*Copyright all photos to Michelle R. Wenger 2011.  All photos taken in various locations throughout southern California January 6th-15th, 2011.

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