Friday, April 22, 2011

May you be at peace big sister!

My sister passed away April 19th, 2011.  She will forever be in our hearts, on our minds, and loved.

May 2007

December 2010

Monday, April 11, 2011

You gotta fight for the right...

First, for my amazing & beautiful sister Judy, who was diagnosed with cancer last April & was already a stage 4, and who is fighting for her life as I type!  I love you big sis', you are my hero!

Second, for the group of awesome & gorgeous women I've made friends with when I returned to school this past January, and with whom I started a weight loss challenge...we can do it, we will do it, and I love you all so very much--thank you for the love, support, shoulders, and coffee!

Thirdly, this is a Honey Badger.  They take what they want, they don't back down, they don't know the meaning of the word quit; they don't care & they don't give a shit.  For all my fabulous dressage friends, particularly those at UDBB, thanks for the jingles, the laughs, the training tips, the stories, and the inspiration the past 8 years...I loff you crazy ass Honey Badgers with all my heart!

P.S. Posting a disclaimer here & now, the last paragraph is in no way, shape or form, meant to be taken as I don't give a shit about people, things, and so on.  What it means is simply this, save the drama for your mama, stop your bitching & pull your big girl panties up, and fight like a girl.  What ever your dealio is, someone out there is dealing with more, savvy?  And most of them aren't moaning & groaning, they are kicking ass like the women of action they are meant to be.  Put your walk where your talk is.