Monday, January 17, 2011

SoCal January '11 part 1

Me holding Gizmo, Erika (niece), Carmen (SIL), and my big brother Mike
(Erika is mine & Mike's niece by our brother Robert, sadly Mike's kids weren't home)

Me on the Santa Monica pier 

The Calypso Tumblers at the Venice Beach boardwalk
(check out each of their expressions)

Mike goofing while playing Ozzy, The Ramones, Journey, and so many more!

Cool mural on a wall along Venice Beach boardwalk

Stephen (youngest nephew from Mike)

The Hawaiian (tall ship)

The Lady Washington (tall ship)

Erika & I at the wooden cross on top of the Ventura bluffs

sunset on the Ventura bluffs

Solvang (Danish/Dutch/German village)

One of the windmills in Solvang

That is a real traditional thatch roof, very nicely done, in Solvang

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