Monday, January 24, 2011

No pressure no diamonds

I'm back in physical therapy thanks to the semi hitting our tiny car.  Not happy to be hurting this bad, not happy about all the resulting costs.  Sigh.

On to better things...I love school, I love it!  I absolutely feel I've chosen the right path to be on and I feel the next 20 months will be so worth it.

My son turned 22 today.  I love my children so much and am so proud of each & every one of them! They are amazing people.

A tiny Boston Terrier, isn't she just too stinkin' cute?  I wanted so badly to bring her home with me!

Brown Eyed Susan in full bloom in January in Solvang, CA 

A few of the dolphins we saw playing & surfing

A baby shark...also stinkin' cute...I really liked him a lot

A gorgeous hummingbird near Solvang

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