Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apparently I do like them...

So, after having not looked forward to wearing scrubs I find myself addicted & wanting more.  A lot more. Apparently I do like them, or is it that I love them?  They are so comfy, and so darn cute.  Seriously, they're cute.  See:

I want all 3 of those.  I especially love the artsy one in the middle.  Also, if you're good at choosing colors of scrub pants you need less of those as you can mix & match the printed tops with the solid bottoms.  I also have found several discount outlets, both on line & IRL, and was so happy because these things can get expensive quickly.  

My mom bought me two really cute tops for $7.49 that were originally $20, and then found me two more Monday for $6 each.  We found scrub pants for $8 each & I have 4 pair now.  I alternate between my super comfy white Nike & even more super comfy dark charcoal Sketchers for shoes, but am lusting after some of the Crocs, particularly their colored ones that are lined in faux sheepskin...they have plaid!

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