Friday, January 28, 2011

And don't it make my brown eyes blue

My January has been a bit blue and I think that I'm hoping for a much improved February.  I had the accident out in SoCal where the semi hit my niece & I, then someone my middle daughter knew died in a car wreck, then her ex-bf's grandma got put into intensive care after having been sent home & seeming to improve, then the constant snow storms are causing us to miss some school in this household & is eating our heating fuel up, my youngest daughter was stranded in a storm on a highway for over 8 hours & was running out of fuel, and now a friend of my son has passed away from injuries sustained in a car wreck.

Here's to no car wrecks in February.  To no storms.  To not missing school.  To no exes causing us stress.

Here's to healing.  To sunny days.  To passing tests & increasing our knowledge.  To those we love being safe & sound.

Here's to positive thinking.  Uplifting comments.  Smiles & laughter.  Coffee & chocolate.  To living life joyfully.  To love.  To forgiveness.  To moving forward optimistically with enthusiasm.

Here's to us!

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