Friday, January 28, 2011

And don't it make my brown eyes blue

My January has been a bit blue and I think that I'm hoping for a much improved February.  I had the accident out in SoCal where the semi hit my niece & I, then someone my middle daughter knew died in a car wreck, then her ex-bf's grandma got put into intensive care after having been sent home & seeming to improve, then the constant snow storms are causing us to miss some school in this household & is eating our heating fuel up, my youngest daughter was stranded in a storm on a highway for over 8 hours & was running out of fuel, and now a friend of my son has passed away from injuries sustained in a car wreck.

Here's to no car wrecks in February.  To no storms.  To not missing school.  To no exes causing us stress.

Here's to healing.  To sunny days.  To passing tests & increasing our knowledge.  To those we love being safe & sound.

Here's to positive thinking.  Uplifting comments.  Smiles & laughter.  Coffee & chocolate.  To living life joyfully.  To love.  To forgiveness.  To moving forward optimistically with enthusiasm.

Here's to us!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apparently I do like them...

So, after having not looked forward to wearing scrubs I find myself addicted & wanting more.  A lot more. Apparently I do like them, or is it that I love them?  They are so comfy, and so darn cute.  Seriously, they're cute.  See:

I want all 3 of those.  I especially love the artsy one in the middle.  Also, if you're good at choosing colors of scrub pants you need less of those as you can mix & match the printed tops with the solid bottoms.  I also have found several discount outlets, both on line & IRL, and was so happy because these things can get expensive quickly.  

My mom bought me two really cute tops for $7.49 that were originally $20, and then found me two more Monday for $6 each.  We found scrub pants for $8 each & I have 4 pair now.  I alternate between my super comfy white Nike & even more super comfy dark charcoal Sketchers for shoes, but am lusting after some of the Crocs, particularly their colored ones that are lined in faux sheepskin...they have plaid!

Monday, January 24, 2011

No pressure no diamonds

I'm back in physical therapy thanks to the semi hitting our tiny car.  Not happy to be hurting this bad, not happy about all the resulting costs.  Sigh.

On to better things...I love school, I love it!  I absolutely feel I've chosen the right path to be on and I feel the next 20 months will be so worth it.

My son turned 22 today.  I love my children so much and am so proud of each & every one of them! They are amazing people.

A tiny Boston Terrier, isn't she just too stinkin' cute?  I wanted so badly to bring her home with me!

Brown Eyed Susan in full bloom in January in Solvang, CA 

A few of the dolphins we saw playing & surfing

A baby shark...also stinkin' cute...I really liked him a lot

A gorgeous hummingbird near Solvang

Monday, January 17, 2011

SoCal January '11 part 1

Me holding Gizmo, Erika (niece), Carmen (SIL), and my big brother Mike
(Erika is mine & Mike's niece by our brother Robert, sadly Mike's kids weren't home)

Me on the Santa Monica pier 

The Calypso Tumblers at the Venice Beach boardwalk
(check out each of their expressions)

Mike goofing while playing Ozzy, The Ramones, Journey, and so many more!

Cool mural on a wall along Venice Beach boardwalk

Stephen (youngest nephew from Mike)

The Hawaiian (tall ship)

The Lady Washington (tall ship)

Erika & I at the wooden cross on top of the Ventura bluffs

sunset on the Ventura bluffs

Solvang (Danish/Dutch/German village)

One of the windmills in Solvang

That is a real traditional thatch roof, very nicely done, in Solvang

Monday, January 3, 2011

I got a feeling...

I think about you every single day, countless times.  You cross my mind and live in my heart.  You will always be there.  There are times I wish I could see you, hug you, kiss your cheek...and so I close my eyes and in my imagination I do those things and you smile.

My every prayer contains you; that you are happy, safe, and surrounded by love.  That one day you will understand that while we disagree on many things, my love for you is real and will never end.  My hope is that you hold me in your heart & thoughts at least occasionally.

I love you til the end.