Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So bittersweet

My mom & I the summer of '72.  I was 5 & she was 28.  I love this photo of us and the memories it instantly invokes.  Oh to be catching fireflies in a jar.

I was 7 & it was '74.  The pony is a Welsh mare named Lady & she was my steadfast companion that summer I spent on my uncle & aunt's ranch in southwestern Oregon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Must Have Walked A Million Miles

On wobbly legs I stood and walked
at least a million miles.
Stood and walked a million miles
til they wobbled no more.

With tiny fingers I reached and touched
at least a million things.
Reached and touched a million things
til they reached no more.

Soft and loud I sputtered and talked
at least a million words.
Sputtered and talked a million words
til I could speak no more.

Twitching nostrils smelling and sneezing
at least a million smells.
Smelling and sneezing a million smells
til it could smell no more.

Bright green eyes saw and saved
at least a million sights.
Saw and saved a million sights
til they could see no more.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's this?

(I can hear that said as it was on Nightmare Before Christmas, which now has me wanting to go play it.)

How does one find themselves aged 43 years old and no concrete idea what to be?  Seriously, it's on my last nerve trying to work this out.  I'm currently taking classes for medical office management, and I'm doing well, instructor comments include, "You're a natural at this, you won't have any trouble getting hired by a good office."  Well yay, but come on, it's a good career, I know I can do it, but is it what I truly want to be?  Not so much.

I wanted to be things like a DJ, military law enforcement spec (when I was in the Air Force), author, special effects creator, horse trainer (which I have actually done, then got injured), and surfer (as in pro surfer living the life chasing waves around the world & getting paid br'a, ya dig?).

What I have been thus far includes things such as waitress, cashier, med tech, horse trainer, and mom (best unpaid job in the entire universe, hands down!).  Note that none of these give one the experience to be any of the previously mentioned things, excepting perhaps author due to life experience gained, lost, and so forth.

Today I was perusing surgical tech as I find that vastly more intriguing than med office manager to be sure, and hey, I am not at all one to be sick at the sight of blood, other bodily fluids, etc., thanks to Uncle Sam and my stint as a med tech in the Air Force.  Oorah.

How many do-overs do you think one gets per life time?  Hmm.  Good question eh?  Yeah, I thought so.  I wonder that fairly frequently.  Oy.  I need to go have some more coffee, watch something to distract myself for a while, and to remember that life's a dance you learn as you go.