Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Will

Today I will choose to put one foot in front of the other and not look behind me.
I will greet those I come across with a smile and wonder if, like me, there is more to them.
I will silently say a breath prayer for their day and journey.
My feet will keep moving and I will contemplate whose feet fell on this spot before mine.

When it gets noisy in my head I will call for silence, that most golden jewel.
I will listen for the small, still voice that rises above all others and calls my name.
I will rejoice in that familiarity and allow it to wash over me.
My feet will keep moving and I will wonder how it is I am so loved.

At the end of my day I will kick the shoes from my feet and wiggle my toes.
I will reflect on those things I have seen and heard as I walked my path this day.
I will be thankful for what I have learned, tasted, heard, seen, and shared.
My feet will stop moving and I will close my eyes and I will sleep.

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