Tuesday, November 26, 2013

4 Generations of Women

My mom is going to be 70 on her next birthday, which she shares with her great-granddaughter, Sora, who will turn 2.  Sora was my first grandchild, and mom's first great-grandchild.  She and her mama, my middle daughter, Livia, live with me, as does mom.  So, there are four generations of women in our family, living together, raising this beautiful little girl together, and it's an incredible journey.

Sure, it's very trying at times, but mostly it's love, laughter, and joy.  The laughs are frequent and hearty.  That little girl knows exactly how to make people light up, and she gets the biggest kick out of it too.  She especially seems to like making her 'Mamaw' laugh.  The way those two play and carry on is crazy, crazy good.  The memories being made are sure to be treasured for a life time to come.

Back in October of this year at a local produce farm

Nap time, they wore one another out!

She piles up the huge toys, then climbs up & snuggles in.

Yes, my nearly 70 year old mom still gets down in the floor to play like this...gotta love 'em!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

I love them!  A lot actually.  I got one this morning and it made me smile.  It also made me sing the song from The Sound Of Music.  Love that too!  I took a photo; I tend to take photos of anything that makes me smile, so I go back later when I need one.  It's a good thing, give it a try.  I also got a package with frankincense & myrhh incense sticks, which I just love so much.  They stuck in a smaller pack of mixed sticks for free.  Free stuff really makes me smile!

I haven't blogged in quite some time, though I do read daily the blogs I follow.  I like seeing what everyone is crafting, designing, has to say, etc. and so on.  But, for some reason, I have slacked heavily on being a good, and dedicated blogger.  I'm not sure why either, and I have two.  This one and one all about our farm, though I'm fairly certain I'm going to delete that one all together, mostly so I can try to get better about posting here.

That pretty Ragdoll kitty is Gemma.  She was a gift from my husband for Christmas 2011. She was barely 4 months old when one of the dogs killed her while I was out.  I'll never forget the heartbreak when I walked in and found her that day.  She was a very, very special baby, and I will always treasure the short time we had together!

My now 21 month old granddaughter, Sora Riley.  I love her more than almost anything in the world!  There aren't words enough to describe how much she means to me, to our whole family.  She is a true treasure!

The wreaths are all made by me.  The top one was a gift to my mother-inlaw, the middle for my mom, and the bottom one for my eldest daughter. Making others happy makes me really smile big!

I'm pretty sure and certain that banana bread is a comfort food!  This is a loaf that I made with the help of my middle daughter & grandbaby yesterday.  We made two, one with pecans, and one without.  I love it warm from the oven with real dairy butter melting slowly over a thick slice...mmm, so good!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday Stuff

My middle daughter gave this painting to me for my birthday last week.  This photo does not at all do true justice to the actual colors in this, not even close.  It is just beautiful & I love it very much.  She is friends with the artist, and she said, "Can you do a painting for my mom for her birthday?"  There was no exchange of my fave colors, etc. and so on, yet she came up with this, which is nearly a summary of me from the way I view it.  I love purple, I adore pink, orange, aqua, and have this crazy fondness for midnight blue.  I am a water baby & love nature and particularly flowers & trees.  When I look at this I see water with a weeping willow sending fronds downward towards the flowers that some lovely bugs are drifting around.  So incredibly me.  Wow.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sparkles of A Dream

Sparkles of A Dream
I made this collage out of 33 pieces found on Polyvore.  I had so much fun doing this & realized just how very much I miss doing art!  Crazy that I haven't worked on anything in over 20 years, not really.  I've written here & there, but stopped painting so long ago that it's a hazy memory at best.  I want to smell paints, have splatters on my clothes, and a place I can set up my easel & supplies & not be in anyone's way or have them move it on me.

I made this on Polyvore as well, also this morning, and this one is made up of over 20 some pieces I liked.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Bathroom Reno & Some Updates

So, last night I put my foot down about getting that bathroom finished up.  I've only been after him since, um, January y'all.  A gal can only put up with so much getting  put off & then she's had it.  Yup.  True story.  Ha, I'm a sucker & I know it.  I'm working on it.  Really.

Anyhow, I found Rust-Oleum's new paint & primer in one, and that it comes in my fave color for, well, almost everything, oil-rubbed bronze.  I grabbed a can of that, and that new can design rocks, thanks Rust-Oleum!  Then this morning I painted the 70's era light fixture bar, the old 70's era switch plates, and voila, nice, shiny, and looking good.  Can't wait to get them hung back up now!

Then I found a beadboard style towel hook on the clearance rack, and it was 70% off, so I bought that last night too.  It's white, and I'm going to tape off the beadboard with Frog Tape, remove the hooks, tape off the ball ends, and the frame & hooks are getting treated to my new paint as well.  After that it's going up to hold our towels.  I've decided with us having to move in a couple years, that I am not willing to risk my amazing aqua birdhooks that I scored from Luckett's Store.  I absolutely adore those hooks, so I'm saving them up for our next home.

In other news, I've decided that the Lumber Liquidators did me a huge personal favor by putting that store in locally.  I just found hand-scraped, dark colored vinyl wood plank flooring for $.79 per square foot, which boils down to just under $145 to do the entire kitchen & dining area.  Woo hoo baby, oh yeah!  It has a 50 yr. warranty too, which, okay, won't really benefit me, but since my youngest sister-inlaw is moving in here after we move out (long, long, dramatic tale for another time), I figured it is a good bargain that can be done for me, and should suit her as well.  It really looks like wood, and if you want to bend over & touch it, it's textured too.  Yippee!

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Old, ugly as sin switch plates

Switch plates post spray painting

Light bar after painting.  The before was hideous, seriously.
Fake oak center with a faux brass frame.  Ugh.  Hideous!

In other news, this gorgeous baby girl has turned 1 year old!  My precious & amazing
granddaughter, Sora Riley.  Adore & love do not even begin to cover it!

Her birthday cupcake, which she promptly enjoyed!

Loving the same tire swing her mama played on long ago. 

Sora & her cousin (she's 8 weeks younger than Sora) sharing their 1st secrets!

Most beautiful smile I've ever seen!

And now a photo storm of the various flowers, etc. I've been working on the past 2 years:

Clematis w/ White Nancy ivy as ground cover

Red Scotch Broom


Sunrise Scotch Broom

And my girl Roza, my registered American Quarter Horse mare